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Your child must be at least on the first day of attendance.

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FEEE funding

  • Headcount date

    Your child must start attendance on or before this date to gain funding.

  • Cutoff date

    Your child must satisfy the minimum age (below) on this date to gain funding.

  • Minimum age

    Your child must be this age or greater on the above date to gain funding.

  • Funding per hour

    FEEE will fund Your child to this amount per hour of funded attendance (calculated below).

  • Maximum weeks

    FEEE will not fund any more than this number of weeks’ funding. Don’t worry!—we set our term dates so that this will never be an issue.

  • Age at cutoff date

    Your child’s age at the cutoff date defined by FEEE for this term.

  • Eligible for funding

    Whether your child’s age meets the minimum defined by FEEE for this term and your child started attending on or before the headcount date.


  • Attended days per week

    Number of days in the week in which your child takes at least one session.

  • Max. fundable hours/week

    The number of hours per week for which you can claim funding. This is zero if your child is not eligible; it is determined by the number of days attended per week.

  • Funded hours

    The total number of hours that your child is in attendance per week, at the maximum fundable hours per week.

  • Funding per week

    The above number of funded hours multiplied by the funding per hour defined by FEEE.

  • Funded weeks attended

    The number of weeks your child is in attendance, clipped at the maximum fundable weeks defined by FEEE.

  • Funding per term

    The above funding per week multiplied by the number of funded weeks attended.

Our discount

  • Per hour

    For every hour your child attends per week, we add 1% to our discount!

  • Maximum

    We don't give you a 100% discount for 100 hours per week!

  • Hours/week

    The total hours in a full week that your child is in nursery.

  • + siblings’

    The above value plus the number of hours that your child’s siblings attend per week.

  • % discount

    The above value as a percentage, capped at  .

  • Discount

    The basic fee per term multiplied by the above percentage discount.

Weekly sessions


The drop-off and pick-up times for your child for this day of the week.


Our morning session runs 09:00—12:00, our afternoon session from 12:00—15:00, and a full day covers morning and afternoon.


Any hours taken that do not fall in a session.

Lunch Dinner

In term-time (not in Holiday Club), we require one more weekly session than your child’s age—for this term, . You have selected , so please select more.

Daily fee

The total of the prices for each session for this weekday.


The number of this weekday your child is attending this term.

Termly fee

The daily fee for this weekday multiplied by the number of weekdays attended this term. Thus this represents a total basic fee for just attending this weekday this term.

Before discounts and funding:  

The sum of the above prices for each weekday.

Charges for hours not funded by the FEEE:  

Total payable before any payment surcharges have been applied.


Payment method

Upfront no extra charge   due on  
Monthly   extra per month   due on  
  • Payment method
  • Extra per payment
  • No. payments
  • Extra per term
  • Total per term
  • Total per payment

Payment is due on   Late payments will incur a late payment penalty of 10%.

We accept BACS using the following details: Account name: Lexden Montessori Limited, Sort code: 20-22-67, Account no.: 63048896.




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