Lexden Montessori
from birth to five

Don't take our word for it—see what our parents think! Here you'll find testimonials that we have been given. They're totally unedited (yes, there are criticisms there too: we like those, because they help us improve!)


After looking around quite a few nurseries, I felt very nervous about William starting at six months. As soon as I met Gaynor and the lovely girls and was shown around the beautiful baby rooms, I knew instantly this was the place for William.

The baby rooms complete with sleigh cots are like home from home, and the outside area and the amazing Silver Cross prams for daily pram walks are just wonderful.

I love reading William's daily book to see what he has been getting up to at nursery, and the girls tell me so much about his day that I don't feel like I'm missing out.

I cannot praise Lexden Montessori enough, it's wonderful!!



Settling my daughter into the baby room has been a happy and enjoyable experience for us both. The staff are very caring and take a true interest in the child as an individual and will adhere to their routines — I feel we work together. My son attends the nursery so I knew the wonderful activities that were available, but I've been amazed by how much fun can be packed into a morning and it's a pleasure to see her development as a result of this.



I just want to say we found Lexden Montessori about three years ago when we moved around here, and we were really happy when we found Lexden Montessori and came out and had a look. We made the decision just the next day to put our daughter in Lexden Montessori after the first visit. After she came in my daughter didn't want to leave! It was a very good sign.

I have had children here for three years. My second youngest one is here now and has settled really really well here. I have no regrets at all about having my children here, I'm really happy for them.

One of the few things that made me very, very sure is that my children here have a very good, happy day most of the time, and when I know that they will have a happy day then I will have a happy day at the same time!

The second thing is that they get so much communication, so much exposure to everything. I like them going out for walks, and they do cooking, they do science, and other different topics every week. They learn so much at such a young age. It was totally out of my expectation, and gave me the idea that I can expose so much to my child.

Both my children are so happy here, and I'm happy as well because they're happy, so I think it's a very good investment to make.


My daughter, Charlotte, was bored at her run around, learn through play nursery, and I was delighted to find that Lexden Montessori took children from 2 years old. We now take children from birth!

Having had a previous child go through Montessori I was already familiar with the structured approach, supported by a huge range of developmentally focused (and fun) activities, that defines the Montessori approach. I was pleased to find that Lexden Montessori follows these Montessori principles closely.

Charlotte is now thriving at Lexden Montessori, learning at her own pace and bouncing out after each session with lots of exciting things to tell and show me of what she has done that day.

The pre- and post-session and holiday clubs are excellent (flexible) for those of us who work, and the staff are caring, engaged and Montessori trained.

Highly recommended.


Lucy has only been at your nursery for a couple of weeks and already we are noticing that she is developing a new level of quiet confidence to try things that she has not done before and it is wonderful to watch her grow and develop in this way. We attribute this to the way in which you allow children to try things and only to offer assistance when the child requests it. We are delighted with Lucy's progress over the last few weeks and are excited about the forthcoming time she will spend with you.

In terms of improvements we would love it if the nursery offered full catering facilities as this can be an added stress to organise for working parents. We appreciate however that childcare and development comes first! We're to offer full catering soon in 2012! Stay posted…


Alexander has settled into Lexden Montessori very well. He enjoys the activities and talks a lot about the new friends he has made.

We have noticed that Alexander's language skills have improved tremendously, as has his confidence.

We are very pleased with Lexden Montessori and the progress our child is making.


Isobelle has only been attending Lexden Montessori since February 2010 and already we have noticed a vast improvement in her speech and some actions. Her words are becoming clearer and sentence structure is now making more sense. The staff are all lovely and when Isobelle was upset at being left I felt happy and confident leaving her as I knew any one of the teachers would comfort and calm her quickly. I especially appreciated the telephone calls to tell me she was OK, which after telling friends, they were also impressed as this did not happen at their preschools.

The only sad thing I can comment on is the change of cooking time to an afternoon as I think this is a lovely thing to do and a shame if it stops on Wednesday morning. We now do Cooking on Thursday afternoons. Apart from this we are both very pleased and happy with our choice of preschool for Isobelle. Thank you for making her first term fun and welcoming.

p.s. Holiday Club is a super idea. Holiday Club is now running!


As a family we are thrilled with Lexden Montessori. Finlay is extremely happy there, and even though he is reluctant to divulge too much about his daily activities, he returns home stimulated and content. Since coming we have noticed a change in his approach to playing and learning. He brings home skills he is keen to practise i.e. number progression, colours, shapes etc. Finlay has an abundance of energy which was quite often mis-channelled, but now I feel his is getting the individual support and direction needed to channel his energy and inquiring mind. He is very keen to learn and do well and Lexden Montessori is certainly fulfilling this need. As a mother I feel reassured and welcome as soon as we arrive, and then also at pick up there is always a friendly, kind face to greet us at the door.

The building, materials and surroundings are beautiful, clean and tidy. The lighting is fantastic and creates an enticing and cosy space. Our youngest son is desperate to join in the activities and I'll have no hesitation in bringing him to Lexden, when I feel he is of an appropriate age.

Thank you for making Finlay's first steps into education such a fabulous time!

Hannah and Phoebe

Since Hannah and Phoebe have joined Lexden Montessori we feel that they have made huge progress in all areas of their development. We feel they have become very independent and confident in themselves. They are always pleased to go into nursery, which reflects that they are in a happy environment and feel secure with the surroundings. We feel that the children's safety is the top priority, which is what you need when you leave your children in other's care.

As parents we feel trusting that you (the staff) are doing the best for our girls, and that it is the perfect place for their pre-school setting. Being identical twins we feel that you know each child as an individual and you understand their individual strengths, qualities and next step targets. We very much like the introduction of the home link targets (e.g. colours). We also like the newsletters, individual learning journey photo books and the special family events that you put on throughout the year.

When asking Hannah and Phoebe what they liked about nursery they both said instantly eating at school, eating snack and choosing a plate, additionally they said:

Hannah: Playing every day, Doing letters, Going in the garden

Phoebe: I like playing with scissors, Making bunny ears, Cooking food

When I asked what they didn't like Hannah said Doing the boxes (Not sure what she meant). Phoebe couldn't think of anything.

We are very happy with how settled the girls are with you and appreciate all your hard work.


Lexden Montessori has brought on Hugo both academically and socially, really bringing him out of himself. Now like all the children, I find Hugo talking about school most days, which shows me just how much he enjoys it!

(My one complaint, if I had to find one, is the state in which the lunch boxes return. It would be nice if anything opened or half-eaten could be put in the bin, otherwise by the time we return home it's not a pretty picture! Our children are encouraged to be fully independent in packing their lunch away. Staff help them to pack away neatly, but being so independent they sometimes do it all by themselves! )


Freddie has come on a lot since starting at Lexden Montessori.

He loves it and my husband and I are really pleased with how Freddie has settled in and made friends.

You organise lots of lovely things such as Sports Day, the Christmas Play and Easter Hat Parade. It's a nice calm place for the children to learn in.

Parking is the only problem. Lexden can get busy at school arrival and pick-up times. We've tried to ease congestion by spacing out our arrivals and departures.